Magic Eyes The Mouth of Truth Perorin Male Masturbator

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Product description

Mouth of Truth Pelolin
The Mouth of Truth (also known as the Bocca Della Verita) has been one of Magic Eyes biggest successes, and for good reason! After the very enjoyable Soft version they are now releasing a completely redesigned oral hole, the “Mouth of Truth Perorin”. The supple material, tight throat and amazing vacuum feel amazing, and we are sure this is going to be a new classic.

Sexy tongue
One of the most attention-grabbing features of the Perorinis the tongue that sticks out. The inviting pink tongue looks great, and will wrap around you from below when you slide inside.

The rest of the outside is also very detailed. The lips curl outward in a slight smile, and the small pointy nose matches the cute maid illustration on the box perfectly. The side, as always, has the “Magic Eyes” name in raised letters.

As we are used to from Magic Eyes, the material has a high quality. It has a mild, barely noticeable smell, which will fade further after a couple of uses.. It feels soft to the touch, just like a woman’s soft skin. When you hold it in your hands you’ll feel how squishy and pliable it is. At a weight of 430 grams it is a little heavier than both of its predecessors, which is mostly because of the thicker, meatier walls. Because of its stretchiness the Perorinwill accommodate many different penis lengths.

Excellent oral - with some very gentle teeth
The Mouth of Truth Perorin’s tunnel has been completely redesigned, and while it has some things in common with the earlier versions it is definitely different enough to be a new product.

MoT Pelolin

Most onaholes don’t get started until you’re inside, but the Pelolin’s design makes it very tempting to spend a little time on the entrance, letting her soft lips and smooth tongue caress the tip of your penis. When you push your way inside, the gently textured tongue envelops you from below, while the teeth give you a noticeable but not harsh stimulation from above. The teeth are made of a fairly flexible material, and while they are much firmer than the rest of the material they aren’t actually rigid. If you don’t want any teeth, it’s pretty easy to remove them permanently.

The throat part of the Pelolin’s tunnel starts with a large pleasure bump on the top. This rubs past you, moving back and forth a little with your motions. The tunnel has an organic structure, with bumps and ridges sliding over you from all sides, culminating in a deliciously textured end area.The roof of the Pelolin’s mouth is covered with gentle ridges. This first part of the mouth is fairly mild and great to warm yourself up. When you’re ready for the next step, push down into her throat for a real deepthroat experience. The tight opening of her throat wraps around you and you can feel it sliding over you with every thrust.

Sucks just the way we like it
When it comes to suction power, the Perorin is a masterpiece. The way the tunnel is shaped makes it very easy to create a good vacuum, especially if you squeeze the air out before sliding in. Every time you pull out, this toy is trying to suck you back in!

The Perorin comes in a beautifully shaped box, with a sturdy plastic insert on the inside. The pre-shaped insert has a lid, which means your onahole is very well protected from all sides.

The art on the outside definitely doesn’t disappoint either! A girl with pigtails and a cute maid outfit is kneeling in front of you, looking up into your eyes as she demonstrates her skills with her tongue on a banana.

In short
This excellent oral masturbator by Magic Eyes is a great addition to the “Mouth of Truth” series. With its gentle bite, squishy tongue and excellent vacuum this toy is a must-buy!

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  • Onahole length: 14.5 cm
  • Tunnel length: 13.5 cm
  • Onahole width:8 cm
  • Onahole height: 7 cm
  • Onahole weight: 430 grams
  • Material: Magic Eyes “Skin” TPE
  • Dual Layer onahole
  • Includes free lube sample
  • Made by Magic Eyes